Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Choose Namaste...


As you can see by my recent posts I always address you with the word "Namaste" and I wanted to take some time to share with you exactly why I choose to address you in this manner.

The word Namaste is an Indian word derived from the Sanskrit language which means "I bow to you". I was first exposed to this word when I attended a local Unity church in South West Atlanta by the name of Hillside Chapel. When ever the founder, ministers or speakers would address the congregation the first thing they said was "Namaste, I behold the Christ (or Divinity) in you. " Then the congregation would reply "And I in You". I found this practice interesting since it was always spoken in a manner which communicated humility and respect from one person to another.

And so it is that I use the word "Namaste" with humility and respect to you as I behold and bow to the Divine within you which is the True you.

I wanted to share my thoughts around this word with you for two reasons, first because whenever you visit my blog or my social network and you read this term it is my desire that my love and respect for the Divinity that lives in each of you be communicated and that you know that what you read is expressed from one Divine being to another.

Second I share this with you in hopes that you will choose to recognize the Divinity that exists in all others (and yes even in those who do not always express themselves from that Divinity) and that in your interaction with them you too would to choose to honor them.

And what is the benefit to meeting others this way? It expands the awareness of our Divinity and the Divinity in others and helps us to act in a loving manner.

When we consciously choose to acknowledge the Divine Being that is inherent in all others we allow our own Divine Being to express it's self towards them. When our Divine Being is expressing itself we act from a space of true power and we move out of our limited self and we create more Love energy in the universe.

Our Divine self which is our true self is then able to co-create with the Divine self of others for the purpose of creating the very things we desire for our lives and these things manifest with effortless ease.

Simply put we get out of our own way with our limited thinking and and allow the Divine to perform "its good and perfect work".

So the next time someone cuts you off while you are driving or acts in a manner that upsets you I hope that before you react that you will take a deep breath, look them in the eyes and also choose to Namaste.

Your partner on the path,

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