Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Facing My Self....


Normally when I write my posts I pre-write them so that I can make sure the idea that I have received from Spirit is made clear to you the reader. But today I think I'm just going to do this one on the fly because I just feel like I have something I need to share and it is my prayer that it will bless someone else who might be having a similar experience in their life.

This morning as I was getting ready to start my day I was thinking about a situation that I am currently facing and I was feeling fear around it.

Let me give you some background. Over the last 2 1/2 years I have experienced much disruption in my life. I lost the home I had built to foreclosure, I have not been able to maintain stable employment, I find myself living "paycheck to paycheck" and the biggest disruption of them all... I chose to send my son to live with his Godparents and then his father because I was not in a position to care for him as I would have liked.

So this morning I was looking at my current circumstances and where I find myself and asking "what are you going to do?". You need to bring in a steady stream of income so that you can find a place where you and your son can live, your bank account is almost empty and you have bills that need to get paid, you have no emergency funds and most of all your son is wanting to return home to live with his mother.

Now don't misunderstand me over the last couple of years I have been "trying to make things happen." I have worked at several jobs as an assistant to others and as an IT professional but to my chagrin none of these opportunities have turned into anything concrete. As I write this post I again find myself unemployed. And please know that my dilemma is not around finding a job, because I can get jobs...I just can't seem to keep them. Hmmmmm....that's a post for another time.

So what's a praying and meditating woman to do at a time like this??

Let Go and Let God!!!

By letting go and letting God I mean that I must allow the Spirit of God within me to perform it's good and perfect work. God knows the desires of my heart and I have made my intent known to the Universe that I am willing to serve Spirit for the purpose of seeing the human race realize it's True Nature.

So maybe just maybe I might want to trust that God has heard my prayers and the recent "falling away" of things in my life and the change is in response to my requests.

I know that God is a force that supports each of us in creating the life we want regardless of what that life looks like (we will revisit that statement in another post) and since this is the Nature of God then I need not worry. My intent is life enhancing and God will support me in like manner.

I am being presented with an opportunity to expand my awareness of God and my own True Self through the choices I make. In the midst of what I am currently facing the choices I make and the actions I take will show me if I truly believe the very thing that I profess to others...


I will keep you all posted as I continue to seek my own inner guidance for my life.

Your partner on the path,

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The Truth said...

You are naked! I LOVE you!!! So Beautiful!


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