Friday, May 9, 2008

The Law of Attraction is a Law of Love


Recently I've been spending lots of time on the internet sharing knowledge and inspiration with wonderful people all over the world. And I do mean it when I say they are WONDERFUL.

As I've been reading various posts I've noticed that many people who are now consciously aware of the Law of Attraction are asking some very profound questions about how they can use it to create in their lives things like perfect health, more money and healthy and fulfilling love relationships.

Since the LOA (Law of Attraction) has recently gained so much attention although it has been around just as long as gravity (well I assume it has, I wasn't actually there when Spirit created it) I thought I'd share my insights on this magnificent tool by which we are able to create our todays and tomorrows.

I have been consciously working with the LOA for about two years now and I must admit that I have learned allot about Spirit in the process. One of the greatest things I have discovered is that while on the surface the LOA is a tool I can use to create the "things" I want in my life it's greatest gift to me is that it shows me my deepest most intimate thoughts and beliefs about myself and the world I am a part of.

How...simply by doing what it was created to do. The LOA is a mirror which reflects back to us not just what we "say" we want but what we "believe" about what we say want.

For example...if I say that I want to have perfect health in my body but I keep "getting" sick then I am being shown that somehow my beliefs about health are in contradiction to what I am saying.

When the sickness shows up instead of feeling like the LOA did not work or working "harder" to create perfect health I now can choose to expand my awareness about perfect health and as I change what I believe about it the LOA shows me my progress by creating according to my belief.

For me this understanding about the LOA has been a blessing in my life because it has caused me to appreciate it for what it truly is...a LAW OF LOVE.

If we allow it , this law of the Universe can assist us in healing ourselves on the inside first because it knows that when our spirits are fully awake to the Truth of our Being then we will EFFORTLESSLY create in our lives all that we a moment in a twinkling of an eye.

It is my sincerest hope that others will come to know this powerful truth and consciously choose to use the LOA for more than creating "stuff" and that you will engage it as a means to discover your True Self.

Blessings to you, your partner on the path,

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Co-Dependent No More


Recently I've been working through some residual feelings that I have from a major relationship I have been in and out of over the last three years. The experiences I have had with the other person at one time produced much pain in my life because at that time I desperately wanted and believed that I needed this person to love me and to see my "value".

My statement "working through some residual feelings" means that as my awareness of who I truly am grows I am consciously working toward making peace with the fact that someone I love chooses not to reciprocate that love back to me.

So as I was pondering what to offer you in my next blog I realized that one of the greatest gifts I could share with you is a powerful truth that has taken me almost 20 years to Realize.....


My apologies for shouting but I want to make sure you "hear" what I have to say although I know that it is not until you are at the point in your experience where you choose to embrace this Truth that you will fully understand it and experience the freedom that comes with it's knowing.

In our lifetime many of us have experiences that hide this truth from us and we spend much of our lifetime trying to recapture it. But so often we do this to our own detriment as we seek to validate our WONDERFULNESS through others and things.

We act in certain ways so that someone will give us love, we work hard to buy things to show the world that we are important, we rearrange our outside appearance so that people will tell us how nice we look....etc, etc, etc.

When we do these things and those we are seeking validation from choose NOT to give it to us (and remember every person is free to choose their own actions) we then translate that into "I'm not enough".

But I am here to remind you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Not because of who loves you, what you possess or how you look.

You are enough because YOU ARE A UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF GOD (which I will refer to as Spirit). And it is because of this TRUTH that your are enough because SPIRIT IS ALWAYS ENOUGH!!! (there I go with that shouting again)

The Bible says that God said "Let us make man in our own likeness" that means that all of the wonderful characteristics that comprise Spirit are in you!!! Without question....

Just because somewhere along our lifetime we have become blind to this aspect of our being does not mean it is not so. It is one of the great paradoxes of our lives...we must forget what we are so that we can awake to what we are....

Although it is sometimes a journey laden with disappointments and pain let us remember that we can choose to ask for a greater awareness and we will be given everything we need along the way to come into the knowing of what we are.

And when we come into this knowing we will be set free from our "co-dependencies" of others and things and we will live our lives honoring our greatness even if it means no one else "gets it".

Your Partner on the Path,

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