Saturday, April 19, 2008

In All Thy Getting Get Understanding


The other day while I was at my favorite coffee house (which by the way happens to be Starbucks) one of the guys who works there commented to me that often when he sees me I appear to be deep in thought as if I'm looking for something. I told him I was. So he took the bait and asked me "what are you looking for?". My response..."THE ANSWER".

As I gave my reply to his question more thought I became aware that "the answer" is something that man has been searching for since the beginning of his/her existence in physical form. Man (and please note that when I use the term "man" I am referring to the "human race" as a whole) has put a lot of time and energy in finding the answer and has achieved many great things in pursuit of finding it.

But what is "THE QUESTION" to which we seek an answer for? I would like to suggest that "the question" is different for each of us.

Each of us must create the question for our own selves. Having our own unique question is key to our ability to live a life of and on purpose. And YES I do believe that each of us has a unique purpose.

Having a question gives us a starting point from which we can begin to commune with our inner guidance so that we can begin to remember what we came here to do.

The purpose I speak of here is not one assigned to you by something or someone out there. Our purpose was self ascribed to us before we incarnated into this physical form and this life's journey is about discovering it and fulfilling it.

Your Inner Voice is your companion along your journey and is a "friend that sticks closer than a brother".

Your Inner Voice, which is your true self, desires to guide you along your discovery process and to the answer...which is your TRUTH.

What is your question that you will ask of it?

Blessings to you,

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The Truth said...

The ANSWER! I LOVE IT! I am so looking forward to learning and growing with you. I am happy to be "asking the question" with such a beautiful human being!

I do love you! :-)

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