Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Been Such A Long Time......

Namaste all my fellow travelers....

The last blog I wrote and posted was in May 2008. WOW....what happened to me?

Where have I been?

Well I've been....HERE.

Since May of 2008 several events have come into my experience. I attracted two employment opportunities and am currently back at work as an IT Helpdesk Technician.

My son has returned to live with me as I now have the financial means to support us.

I filed the "B" word....and now I am on my way to financial recovery after loosing my home and nearly loosing my car. Those were cold nights when I had to hide my car from the repo man and walk blocks to my house.

Just 5 short years and I can apply for credit again. YIPPIE!!!!! I can't wait....oh wait a minute...that's the kind of thinking that got me into unneeded debt the first time.

Belay my last statement (for those of you who are not familiar with Military jargon that means disregard what I just said).

And that's about the gist of it for me over the last year and a half.

So what brings me back to this Blog that I started in 2008 out of a sense to serve the greater good and assist in the journey to enlightenment we are all on???

I'm glad you inquired :-)

Honestly.....the thought just "hit" should start writing your blog again. So in an effort to trust my Highest Self and know that my work is inspired by the Divine here I go.

This time; however, I write this from a "different" space of consciousness.

First I am not focused on "if my blog will make me well known". I am only focused on finding an outlet for my thoughts and feelings and if it is meant to Bless someone else...."So Mote it Be".

Secondly even as I write this I'm not checking my verbiage and editing every sentence wondering if echoes all of the Spiritual concepts I have ever read or heard. I'm just trying to let it flow. From my Heart to the world's. (Of course I do want to present myself as a person who knows the parts of a sentence so I guess I'll take the time to proof read and edit these).

It is my prayer sent to the Universe and the Divine that this blog will assist me in discovering my Self and My Inner Voice which I seem to still be ignoring.

I guess you could say I've hid my light under a bushel as the Great Teacher Jesus encouraged us not to do in Luke 11:33 (thanks Julie's Jewels for that scripture location).

And I can feel the dissatisfaction of it all around me..pressing me from all sides. So through these writings I hope to come to know my Self and to honor my Self through the simple form of Self Expression.

Thank you God for Inspiration and Guidance as I journey this path and may your Light, Love and Peace be realized by all Human Kind.

And So It Is, And So it Is, And so It Is.


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